I would imagine that most of us go through life repeating some of the "Dad-isms" that he uttered during our early years and beyond.

One in particular that stays with me especially on cloudy, wet days is what was deemed just as essential as sunshine and that would be rain. As a cattle farmer he would often refer to rain as "liquid sunshine". I often re-quote that line when it's pouring and, of course, I make sure it's known he was the original author of it.

I imagine I have some that at least one of my kids will use in their lifetime, too. We decided to throw the question on Facebook, "What sayings does/did your Dad say all the time?" As always our listeners and Facebook friends didn't let us down.

Here's some of the ones that were posted-

TrentandApril H. - If you complained you were hungry (I'm hungry) he'd shake your hand and say Hi I'm Steve

Robin P. - Choose your battles, not all are worth the fight.

Dawn M. - “Shut the door were you born in a barn?”

Kristen A. - If you ask for THE HONEY he will ALWAYS say "Yes, Dear?" Or if you say you are "going to head out" he says "like a baby"

I'll follow up with one I'd always use-"I'm going to leave like a tree." (You can quit rolling your eyes!)

This is one that my dad always said as did Shelly I.'s dad - It'll quit hurting as soon as it stops.

For the most part it's these quips/sayings that we hold dear that keeps us smiling from time, usually when we need it the most.

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