Labor Day weekend came and went, and it was the best three-day weekend I can remember.  I had an awesome time with family and friends.  For those who don't know, the Pilot Grove Picnic is the best kept secret in our area.

It's a home-cooked picnic, and I mean fried chicken, homemade sides and all of the pies, cobblers and cakes you can imagine.  They've got a small, homegrown carnival with everything, from cakewalks and darts, to baseball throw and bingo, and my personal favorites: the turtle races and ring toss.

Okay, turtle races pretty much explain themselves.  They let them go towards several exits, each one with a number.  You pick a numbered exit, and if the first turtle goes through that exit, you win.  Seems pretty normal, right?

Now, the duck ring toss.  That's right, the DUCK ring toss!  They take a horse tank filled with water and put four live ducks in the tank.  Hoop rings are given to the players, who attempt to toss the ring around a duck's neck.  It's crazy, and it's awesome!  It is a lot harder than it looks because the ducks are swimming and flapping.


With the recent rain, our food plots are starting to come around, and that means lots of deer and turkeys are on the move.  Our Trail Cam contest is up and running, so make sure you send us your photos today.  The winner will receive a new trail cam from Stone Laser Imaging, along with a trophy rock.  Second and third place will receive trophy rocks as well from Young's Ag Vet.  We'll have details on our Big Buck contest coming soon as well.

We're still looking for a winner for our DQ Question of the Week.  Tell us the Missouri state record for either a Black or Largemouth Bass' weight and what lake it was caught in.  You'll get a chicken basket from DQ Grill n' Chill and a Huntin' and Fishin' with Harry koozie.  Good luck!