We received notification at the radio station via email that the 2021 American Legion Boys State of Missouri will begin this Saturday, June 12 and run thru June 19. Thinking back, I remember a time when three of my friends and I decided to skip a scheduled assembly one evening and headed into downtown Warrensburg.

If you don't know, Boys State happens every year in Missouri. It takes place in the summer and takes place at UCM. Except for last year, the event at the University of Central Missouri has been an annual tradition since 1953. During the week-long event, students will engage in hands-on experiences in the operation of the democratic form of government, and will establish their own government with their own elected officials.

It was the summer of '76. One night my three friends from Butler that were chosen to go to the event and myself, decided we wanted to skip out and have some fun. You have to remember, we were 17 year-olds cooped up inside college dorms in the summer learning about government. Although we were having a good time throughout the day, at night we started to get restless so we decided to venture out.

We casually walked across campus and at the precise moment darted in between buildings and made a mad dash for freedom. Now on campus, you always had to wear your issued name badge to show you were part of Boy's State. But, as soon as we were off campus, so did the badges.

I think the highlight of our getaway was going into a store buying a soda and box of Swisher Sweets cigars. I know, we were hooligans. Needless to say the evening ended with no problems as we snuck back onto campus and got back to our assigned dorms without a glitch.

Not exactly an action-packed night but for four 17 year-old boys from the small town of  Butler, it was an adventure to never be forgotten!

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