If any of you have ever visited New York City, you may have noticed that there were a lot of payphones.  Perhaps you used them when you were younger.  I have memories of using them to call a house while I was delivering pizza as a youth.  The era of using payphones are almost obsolete.

Above is some video of the final payphones being removed.  For whatever reason, it got me to thinking about how things are so different these days.  I mean my mother back home still has a land line phone, and obviously we have them at the station.  But I think most of us have a mobile phone, so there really isn't much need for payphones anymore.

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Apparently as of 2018 there were about 100,000 payphones still around the US.  You can read that article HERE.  I went to Google and typed in "Does Missouri Still Have Payphones?"  If you click HERE, you can find out if there is one left in the state.  I honestly haven't seen any around Sedalia, but I could have missed them.

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Truthfully I can't see these things being around much longer.  Not as many people carry cash anymore, much less coins to drop in a phone.  So other than nostalgia, I think they may have served their purpose.  You want a real blast from the past? Check out the video below.  Our favorite TV family, The Brady's, once had a pay phone in their home.

If you happen to see an old payphone up somewhere, see if it still works.  And take a picture so your young kids can see how many of us used to call if we were lost.  If it has a dial tone, call someone.  Just for fun.

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