I have had enough of all the swooning over the Beatles and the talk about them changing America.

When the Beatles came to our shores, we had some great singers who did as much changing of America as anyone. I, for one, believe Elvis and Carl Perkins were more transforming than the Beatles, and by the way, the Beatles said Carl Perkins was one of their Idols back then, and someone they emulated.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Beatles and I watched them make their debut through the smoke filled haze of a Boston bar as a young sailor. I also watched Elvis make his first public appearance after his stint in the army, and I believe that was a bigger deal than the Beatles' so called "invasion."

There were just as many singers and bands that were influenced by the American singers and bands back then as were by the Beatles. If the media wants to give all the credit to one band, that is their choice, but I believe the credit for the revolution in music happened long before they came to our shores.

Come on people. The Beatles didn’t even swivel their hips, curl their lips or wear Blue Suede Shoes, and we already knew how to style our hair like them from the Three Stooges Movies.

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