Ms. Krista Stoneking wrote us in April to let us know that our Kix 105.7 Cash Cow game isn't as easy as we say it is. Especially for her since she's with a class full of kindergartners most of the day. Well, Ms. Stoneking turned our Cash Cow game into a learning opportunity for her students.

Ms. Stoneking set two timers in her classroom for the top of very hour. When the timers would go off they turned on Kix 105.7 and listened for the cowbell and the code word. Students would then write the code word on their marker boards, and the ones that spelled the code word correctly would get a piece of candy from the big candy container. Kids who got most of the letters in the code word got a piece of candy from the small candy jar. Her students eventually figured out Beau was spelling the words out too, so they'd listen more closely to spell the words right.

Ms. Stoneking also shared what she and her students would do if they won the cash:

We will be purchasing a wet mop and a vacuum cleaner for our classroom. We are also going to have an ice-cream partry with lots of toppings, and bananas.

Ms. Stoneking and her students didn't win the $1,000 dollars, or the $10,000 grand prize. Yet all of us here at Kix 105-7 were so moved by the letter she sent along with copies of her kids journal entries where they wrote and drew about what they'd do if they won The Kix 105.7 Cash Cow Contest that we just had to do something for them.

On Friday, our Market President Craig Hahn and I headed out to Creighton and Sherwood Elementary School to give Ms. Stoneking and her kindergarten class the ice cream party they wanted. We delivered a bunch of different ice cream flavors along with chocolate sauce, bananas and whipped cream for the class to enjoy.

Because of COVID-19 protocols we didn't get an opportunity to hang out with Ms. Stoneking or her class for very long, but we had an opportunity to meet them briefly and snap a couple of photos with the kiddos.

Rob and Craig with some of Ms. Stoneking's kindergarten class (Rob Creighton / Townsquare Media
Rob and Craig with some of Ms. Stoneking's kindergarten class (Rob Creighton / Townsquare Media

Ms.Stoneking thanked us "for the opportunity to make our learning a lot more fun and a little more competitive."

I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU for your dedication to your students and the opportunity to be a little part of your class. The letter and the journal entries mean a lot to all of us.

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