Many of us remember our favorite teacher that we had in school.  We probably remember our worst too.  Teachers can be a valuable resource for your kids.  Missouri has an issue that many of their teachers throughout the state are quitting the profession.  A new survey hopes to get to the bottom of why this happening.

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Missouri is launching a statewide survey of teachers in an effort to address the chronic teacher shortage. Districts in the St. Louis area told St. Louis Public Radio last month they were behind in hiring for the coming school year because of the shortage. Missouri's Blue Ribbon Commission will be given the results of the survey and will hopefully be able to address why so many educators are leaving, and what potential solutions there could be.  You can read a bit more about this HERE.

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On Wednesday, there will be a public hearing in Jefferson City where teachers can come and share their thoughts. State education officials are sending this survey to school districts to distribute to their teachers. It is also posted on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website.

A few years ago, before the pandemic hit, a similar survey was sent out, and it seems that the main reason back then was the low pay.  There also does not seem to be as many people going in to the field or studying education in college.

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The commission will get the results from the survey at its next meeting this August. It is supposed to present its recommendations to the state board of education in October. My own personal feelings, are that teacher are very much underpaid, and overworked.  They are asked to do a whole lot more than just teach.  I hope the survey reveals that if Missouri wants to keep their teachers from leaving the profession, they need to be paid more.  Most of them deserve it.

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