You would think that 50 kids with instruments would be nothing but noise and trouble. But when a group of adolescents at the Artik Music School in Israel covered Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble,' the results were sheer talent.

The world's largest young rock band showcased their talents by putting together an orchestra of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and a choir of about a dozen young girls, who sang Swift's vocals.

By the time the students reached the bridge of the song, most of them were headbanging and pumping their fists while playing their part in the orchestra. There's no doubt about it, these kids are the rock stars of tomorrow!

The result of the cover is so powerful, it even took Swift's breath away. "Seeing this makes me so happy," she wrote on Twitter and Facebook, sharing the link to the video.

'I Knew You Were Trouble' was released to pop radio in the U.S. the week after Thanksgiving. Just a few days later, the single is already on the charts all over the world, which explains why a group of kids in Israel would choose to cover it. The 'Red' hitmaker is already filming a video for the tune, in which she is dressed as a punk chick with pink hair.