In Sedalia, we do not have a Target.  I have overheard people who are not a big fan of Walmart.  Warrensburg doesn't have one either.  There are locations in Columbia and Jefferson City.  Independence and Lee's Summit have one.  I wonder how people would react if a Target came to our town. Would you shop there?

Well, if you were looking for a job, it might be nice to have one close by.  Because the company is starting to raise wages, and they could be as high as $24 a hour.  The Minneapolis-based discount retailer said Monday that it will adopt minimum wages that range from $15 to $24 an hour, with the highest pay going to hires in the most competitive markets. It currently pays a universal starting wage of $15 an hour.

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Target, which has roughly 1,900 stores and 350,000 employees in the U.S., noted that the turnover rate among its employees is now actually lower than before the pandemic. The retailer also said that it was able to exceed its goal of hiring 100,000 seasonal workers at its stores and 30,000 in its supply chain network across the country throughout the 2021 holiday season.   You can read more about this by clicking HERE.

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Now I have a few friends who have worked (and are now currently) working for the company.  They overall, have enjoyed the job, or at least feel they are getting treated a bit better than some of the other chains.  I have shopped there myself, and I do seem to see more staff, get assistance if I need it, and slightly higher quality of products when it comes to clothes.  I hope that more retailers will attempt to do this, to retain staff, and get more people to apply and work.

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