Get Singing Valentines in Sedalia
Have you thought about sending a singing valentine for Valentine’s Day? I admit, I'm not too creative when it comes to the romantic stuff. For me, cleaning the floor is pretty darn romantic. But, there are options out there for those of you who want to celebrate with a little so…
Baby Tears Up Listening to 'My Heart Can't Tell You No'
Sara Evans' 2011 version of Rod Stewart's 'My Heart Can't Tell You No' was pretty good, but it didn't make babies cry in this most adorable way. To be honest, we weren't completely sure why this sweet face is getting misty-eyed, until we watched this two-minute vid…
Missouri State Fair Idol
Missouri State Fair Idol is back!  We're looking for the best singers in the area to compete in the Missouri State Fair's annual singing competition, and this year, we're letting our listeners decide who moves on to the competition!

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