Just when you thought the Missouri State Fair was gone with it's roller coaster ride, Mother Nature hangs on with it's own weather version.

Chilly autumn weather will be very short lived with temperatures returning to the lower to middle 80's by Friday and Saturday. This will set the stage for numerous showers and thunderstorms Saturday evening, some of which could be strong to severe.

We can't complain about the weather, though. We're getting the much-needed precipitation along with a chance to check out our heating systems to see if we need to call to corrrect them for the ucpoming harsher temps of old man winter.

Grab your jacket, sweater, hoodie or whatever it takes to get you through these chillier days and enjoy the weather ride. Remember, in a few weeks, we'll all be saying, "Geeesh...I wish it would warm up some...I can't wait til Summer!"


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