Have you ever heard something that was stated as a fact and immediately question it? That just happened to me when I heard that St. Louis had been named one of the healthiest cities in America - allegedly.

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I saw this new study shared by Study Finds that originated at WalletHub. It's the healthiest and not healthiest cities in America for 2023. The list is...interesting. Here's their helpful map for reference. Note: the smaller the dot representing the city, the healthier it is apparently. I was a bit shocked to see such a small dot on St. Louis.

Source: WalletHub

Let's dig into their numbers. According to WalletHub, St. Louis is the 40th healthiest city in America. The Gateway City gets good marks for fitness, food and green space while getting dinged for health care a bit.

Here are my admittedly non-scientific observations. I do have many St. Louis friends who enjoy working out although their food choices at Cardinals games are questionable. I also think that St. Louis has some great parks like Forest Park compared to other metros. That would qualify as "green space". I think that the food pat on the back is from a perspective of someone who's not witnessed how much toasted ravioli St. Louis residents consume. (Looking at you, everyone who lives on The Hill)

Let's just embrace this good ranking of St. Louis for being healthy. There's a lot of science baked into the WalletHub study even if I think many of my big city friends are hiding their Cardinal game snacks from the experts.

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