My wife and I started on the Keto regimen at the end of April last year. we've been trying to stay on the same course with everything going on with the Coronavirus but we're wondering if we're going to have to steer off course.

As you go to the grocery stores you see that some selections of food is not as plentiful as usual. For some it's been difficult to find beef, chicken and eggs. Bread is becoming a scarcity, too.

So if you have been on Keto or if you've been on another type of diet prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, are you chucking it and saying you'll eat whatever you need to get by? We know stress eating is definitely a possibility during these trying times.

Just remember the more you can keep your daily schedule of watching the carbs and calories, the better you'll feel and look after all of this passes. Good luck!



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