I've been looking at the weather maps and the forecasts since the first of the week. As we get closer to the weekend, the weather prognosticators are all weighing in with their predictions.

At first, on Monday, it is was 1" to 3" of snow going into Friday. That was early in the week. Then by about Tuesday or Wednesday, the totals jumped to 2" to 4". By late Wednesday night the snowfall amounts were jumping to 4" to 8".

According to the map from the National Weather Service (NWS) in Pleasant Hill, Sedalia is now included in a Winter Storm Warning. Snowfall predictions from the NWS is now anywhere from 5"-12" for Sedalia and Pettis County. As of Thursday into Friday, the National Weather Service upgraded Sedalia and Pettis County from a Winter Storm Watch to a warning.

According to a report from KOMU, Channel 8, in Columbia, a Winter storm watch is when 6" or less is prdicted. When the predictions hit 6"+, a Winter storm warning is issued.

However this turns out, keep us on for weather updates throughout the weekend.


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