Since the K-Mart closed in Sedalia in January of 2017, where's the closest one you can go to to get those great Blue Light Specials? After doing a search on the internet, we found the closest one to Sedalia. You can accomplish the trip in less than two hours.

After going to to the K-Mart web page, we did a store locator search. First we looked within 30 luck. The next distance to choose was within 50 miles. Once again, no luck on that search. Finally we searched within 100 miles and hit the jackpot!

I chose my home address and it's a good thing I did because the store was located 99.2 miles from it's location. If I had used the radio station on South Limit as the starting destination, it may not have come up with results we were looking for since it is over eight tenths of a mile further.

The closest store that we came up with is off of I-29 and Prairie View Road in Kansas CIty North. In fact, you actually have two choices in the Kansas City Metro. The other is on State Avenue in Kansas City, KS. [UPDATE: Even though the Kmart site says Prairie View Road location is open, one of our listeners told us that it closed, too.]

So if you're out and about in the Kansas City area in the future, here's a couple of shopping options if you're hankering for a bargain from the big K!

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