Have you heard this from someone that is suffering from cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, or a terminal illness that causes unbearable pain, "I just wish they would legalize it (medical cannabis) so I could try it instead these prescription drugs."

Missouri HB 437 allows persons with certain serious medical conditions to use medical cannabis. This was a bill that was passed in 2014 by Dr. Jim Neely, one of four conservative physicians serving in the Missouri state legislature. Neely has been working to legalize medical cannabis and is working to expand his 2014 bill.

Rep. Neely, a physician and Republican State Representative from Cameron, feels the state should give more choices to people struggling with terminal-illnesses. Instead, while Missourians are fighting for their lives, they have to wait for the FDA  to approve investigational treatments that contain cannabis.

An initiative petition is being pushed  to legalize medical marijuana by New Approach Missouri, a Missouri-based pot promotion organization. The difference between Rep. Neely's bill and New Approach Missouri is their proposed constitutional amendment that would restrict the number of licenses granted to businesses, instead of permits to Missourians to grow marijuana at home.

Medical Cannabis

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