Shania Twain's long-awaited new album, Now, almost had a very famous producer: Prince. The country star says that she and the late music icon had been talking about working together before he died in April of 2017.

“The very first producer that called me, who reached out to me before I’d even written the album — I was writing all the time but I hadn’t started writing for the album … I get a call from Prince,” Twain tells ABC News Radio. "And Prince and I — we had a few conversations, we emailed each other. We exchanged [notes] on email for … months.”

At the time, however, Twain wasn't ready to make new music: "He said, ‘Come to my studio, let’s get started,’" Twain recalls, "and I just said, ‘I can’t sing right now, I just don’t have my voice yet.’" In the years since she released her most recent album, 2002's Up!, Twain went through a divorce and suffered from dysphonia.

“When [Prince] was calling me and mailing me, I wasn’t ready to do the album ... And I never did it," Twain says. "It’s like, if I ever had, you know, professional regret, that is definitely one of them.”

Now is scheduled for release on Sept. 29. Twain released its first single, "Life's About to Get Good," to country radio on June 15.

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