Sedalia Police received a harassment complaint on October 5 from a woman who said that someone had created a "fake clown Facebook account" to send her messages. 

According to a report from the Sedalia Police Department, the woman was blocked from the account after being sent the messages. She mentioned to police a group of ex-friends that might be suspects in the case.

"Creepy clown" cases have been reported across the country since August, and have escalated in recent weeks. In Missouri, local police departments have been addressing the issue of clown sightings, though only a few arrests in creepy clown cases, most often for filing false police reports, have been made.

On September 30, the Sedalia Police Department posted on their Facebook account that "there has been no evidence of any clown activity in this area. There have been several reports of clown sightings in this area on social media however none of these sightings have been reported to the Sedalia Police Department. Should you see anything you feel is suspicious in nature, as always, please contact the Sedalia Police Department at 660-826-8100.”

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