It's one of those stories people tell when it's time for some creepiness. I am a sucker for a good ghost story, even if I don't believe it. You've probably heard this one before.  Here's the basis of what I was told.

It's supposed to have happened out in the northeasternish {EDIT: It has been pointed out to me that I am terrible at directions.  It's South of Sedalia. MY BAD.) direction out of Sedalia.  Out on Ingram, to when it turns into Highway U, just a little bit past Covered Bridge Park, there's Green Road.  Now, I've never been one to go out there and snoop, because... I'm not. I know better.  I had a side job as a kid delivering phone books once (aww, we used to use those) to people out in the county and there are many of them who do NOT want you anywhere near their property. I made eye contact with one guy, held up the phone book I was delivering to his address, left it on his porch, and he and his friend STILL followed me for maybe another twenty minutes to "see what I was doing".

Anyway, I'm not about to go out there and trespass and get myself in trouble. And if it IS haunted, why would I put myself out there to get some ghost in my car?  That's just asking for Ghost Trouble. MOVING ON WITH THE STORY.  Out on Green Road, supposedly there was a man who killed his mother. The only details are that he dragged her out on the road and killed her there, and then buried her behind his house. And then, he supposedly put a concrete step over her grave at his back door. That's it. No detail on when this was, who it was, is the guy still alive, why did he kill his mother, how did he kill her, nothing.  But now, if you drive past the place, you can allegedly hear her ghost scream.

I found an anonymous account of a variant on what the ghost does online:

Any ways I didn't believe any of it till one night when I was with some friends in my blazer and we were going to scare this girl. Well we were telling her the story on our way there and she started shaking and crying, she was bad face covered in tears. When we passed the house she snapped, her tears were gone, pupils dilated, and she started saying go back just staring at us. Her voice was deeper and didn't sound like her at all.... if the girl was faking she should be an actress she could make millions. I have never known anyone who could fake fear that well especially with real tears, and then just snap out of it and talk in a voice that I don't think she could ever sound like again so i don't know its all up to you.

It doesn't mention the actual screaming lady, though. I guess it just is meant to corroborate the idea that the place is haunted? I did so much googling on this to try to see if any other accounts are out there, and I didn't find much. In fact, I tried to even see if the story itself, the Mom Murder if you will, was anywhere online and I came up with naught. My searching skills may not be the best, though.

Have you heard this story? Have you had an experience out on Green Road? Let's fill in some of the details about this story together!

Hauntingly Yours,


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