The Sedalia Police Department mandate of “Protect and Serve” took on a whole new meaning this morning (June 29), when Officer Jessica Harris and the rest of the Sedalia Police Department set out to save an orphaned fawn that would otherwise have quickly become a victim in the wild.

A family in Mora found the fawn in their front yard where children were playing with it.  When the Conservation Department was notified, they recommended the practical approach which was to put the animal down, a too permanent solution for Officer Harris and the others, who had been looking at into the big eyes of the helpless fawn for several hours by that time. The solution to the problem came in the form of Denise O’Donnell in Florence, Missouri, who rehabilitates wildlife.

The fawn was picked up this afternoon and safe confines of an enclosure at the O’Donnell’s. While this story may have come about due to the death of the mother, it could also be that a doe is searching for its baby in the Mora area right now.

The Animal Control Officer wants you to know, that wildlife is not something to be played with, and the consequences are not good sometimes for humans or animals. The lesson here is to not bother animals in their natural habitats, because nature knows best how to care for wildlife.