Kids, awhile back I got a blue piece of paper with my water bill. I read it and was a little surprised to find out that I needed to get a license for my cat.

You probably got one of those letters, too.  At first, I thought, "Well, my cat is indoor.  I'm sure they mean for people who have outdoor animals or dogs or something." But, as I read on, I saw that they indeed did mean all animals.  I suppose there has to be a line drawn in the sand and everyone has to be on board or nobody at all.  It wouldn't be fair that all large dog owners had to do this, but.... lion owners didn't or something.

In the letter, it said that every animal you down that's over five months old needs to get their shots updated and have proof of that to get a license.  If you don't, you get a nasty fine.  So, I thought, I guess I better.  After all, my little kitten does have a tendency to want to explore outside and I'd hate to have to pay a fine after chasing her for twenty minutes.

Really, it's for the best - how many times do we hear in our local news about someone getting bitten or scratched by a stray animal and then everyone has to wonder if someone is going to get sick?  I suppose this way, it really cuts down on the need for worry - and in the end, it guarantees a longer, healthier life for your animal.  But really, when it came down to it, I didn't wanna pay some $100 dollar fine.

So, on Saturday we went to the vet.  She's only about six months old so she was due for her next round of shots.  Then, I took the paperwork down to the municipal building, wrote a check for $10 (the two year license; one year is $5) and got a shiny new red thing to put on her collar.

So, pet owners, have you done yours yet?  It's due by the end of the month.  Do you think this is necessary?  What do you think?

Licensily yours,

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