The Sedalia City Council unanimously passed some comprehensive amendments to the City Code dealing with animal welfare and public safety.

According to a City of Sedalia press release key amendments to the ordinances include: Streamlined authorization for Animal Control to acquire administrative search warrants for suspected code violations. Clarified definitions in regard to domesticated animals that allow residents greater choice in pet ownership. Stricter penalties when it comes to recurring violations, especially in regard to aggressive animals or nuisance issues created by pets.

Mayor Andrew Dawson is quoted in the City's press release as saying the changes to these ordinances show the City's commitment to both the safety of the City's residents, as well as the humane treatment of animals. He also pointed out the ordinance changes give residents more flexibility in the types of pets they can keep.

"These changes equip our Animal Control Officers with the vital tools they require to foster a secure and humane environment for all residents - human and animal alike," added Mayor Dawson.

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