Everybody knows that Scotty McCreery was the American Idol winner in 2011 -- but his winding pathway there had a few little twists and turns that you might not know about. There was the moment he (accidentally!) dissed actor Jack Black when he won the Idol finale, and how Lady Gaga helped him win by pushing him ... er, out of his comfort zone. It was also Season 10 of the hit TV singing competition that introduced McCreery not only to his pal Lauren Alaina, but also to Jimmie Allen, who would become a long-term friend and, in 2018, a tourmate.

Allen auditioned for the same American Idol season that McCreery would go onto win, but he didn't make it nearly as far: The artist was cut before the live episodes. His friendship with McCreery, though, would have a much longer lifespan.

"I've known Jimmie for years now, being here in town, and it seems like Jimmie's always everywhere," McCreery told The Boot in 2018, before kicking off his Seasons Change Tour with Allen. "It's always cool to see him around, and he's such a talented guy, and such a nice guy. You don't find that too often."

Allen returns the sentiment, adding that McCreery is someone he looks up to: "Like he said, you don't often find artists that not only you respect, but who have the same morals and stuff like that," Allen says. "I feel like once you tour with somebody, you tie your name with them, and however they are, people associate that with you ... Scotty McCreery's name? I was like, 'Let's start tomorrow!'"

McCreery and Allen's friendship is touched on in this new episode of The Secret History of Country Music, a video series from our partner site Taste of Country. Press play above to watch the whole thing -- and find out more about those moments with Black and Gaga.

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