If you grew up in a home where you took your shoes off at the door. Or it was forbidden to wear shoes inside your home. Well, your Mom who made that rule now has the backing of science.

My parents didn't have such rules, although I've never been a big shoe wearer in my own home anyway. In other people's homes, it seems odd to take off my shoes and at times has made me vaguely uncomfortable.

My Aunt Grace had a rule like that. It always bugged me, and she'd sometimes let the rule slide for me. I don't think she was so worried about the harmful stuff that can come inside through your shoes. I think she wanted to preserve her plush light-colored carpeting from mud, asphalt, and anything else that could mess it up. And as an adult, I can't blame her. Even if it did bug me as a teenager.

Scientists from the Dust Safe program told CNN, "Some of the microorganisms present on shoes and floors are drug-resistant pathogens, including hospital-associated infectious agents (germs) that are difficult to treat. Add in cancer-causing toxins from asphalt road residue and endocrine-disrupting lawn chemicals, and you might view the filth on your shoes in a new light."

Ya think? As the guy that walks down the block twice a day with my dog and spends time walking on the asphalt of the street, the sidewalk, and the lawns of my neighbors. You bet what the scientists are saying is concerning.

I may actually take my shoes off after walking the dog before heading into the kitchen to fix his dinner. And it might have the added benefit of keeping the carpet in the living room cleaner after I shampoo it.

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