Pettis County Sheriff Brad Anders took to Facebook to alert Smith-Cotton High School parents and the community about some overdoses that have been caused by THC vape pens that may have been laced with an unknown substance.

Sheriff Anders says there have been several overdoses at the high school involving THC vape pens. According to the Sheriff, they believe the THC vape pens may also have been laced with an unknown substance, which the Sheriff thinks may be some type of opiate because Narcan worked on the students suffering the overdoses.

Anders goes on to say that it will take some cooperation and time to figure out what's actually in the vape pens, and then find out where it's coming from.

Smith-Cotton High School Principal Wade Norton sent a letter out to students and parents a few days ago addressing the issue. He explained what happened at the high school and urged families to have an honest and open discussion about drug use. He specifically asks parents and guardians to allow their children to be honest with them without judgment. While asking students to open up and communicate with their parents and teachers.

Norton also touches on concerns about the unknown regarding vaping, both nicotine and other substances. "We are in a time frame of the unknown with vaping, the true consequences of vaping, and how it affects the human brain and body. This new process of ingesting drugs and nicotine is changing and evolving quickly."

Norton says in his letter that the school will be meeting with students to share known facts and dangers of drug usage, vaping, and the school's overall concerns.

So have that conversation with your children tonight. Principal Norton sums up why at the end of his letter, "It only takes one hit, one pill, or one wrong/uninformed decision to lose a life. I don’t want to see this issue happen again, and together we can work to stop it from happening."

You can read the full text of Principal Norton's letter and Sheriff Brad Ander's Facebook post here.

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