If you have a tiny pet turtle, you might be in danger. There is seriously a salmonella outbreak in Missouri and 10 other states that is linked to this small creature.

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The Centers for Disease Control just released a bulletin recently alerting residents of Missouri and 10 other states to an outbreak of salmonella. Here's what the CDC said in their statement:

Public health officials are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella linked to small turtles. Although any turtle can carry Salmonella germs that can spread to you and make you sick, turtles with shells less than 4 inches long are a known source of illness.

Here are the affected states including Missouri.


What if you have a small turtle?

The CDC says it's not legal to buy or sell a turtle less than 4 inches long, but if you have one of these tiny creatures, here's what you can do:

  • Wash your hands after any contact with the turtle
  • Do not allow your turtle outside
  • Don't snuggle your turtle (they seriously said this)

While salmonella will not necessarily become a serious illness in a healthy person, it can be a serious issue for groups that are vulnerable like small children under 5 years old, the elderly over 65 and anyone with a weakened immune system.

Make sure to check the CDC salmonella guidelines page for more information on how to avoid this latest outbreak connected to tiny turtles.

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