The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team placed first in the large school division Nov. 19 at the Warrensburg Math Relays.

S-C students also excelled individually, as Sarah Bergman finished as the event’s top senior, Val Toderescu was top junior and Edward Toderescu was the top sophomore.

Other top finishes for S-C:

Advanced Topics: Sarah Bergman, senior, second place; Erik Izazaga, senior, sixth place

Algebra Equations 9: Bridget Young, freshman, fourth place

Algebra 9 Simplify: Lauren McFail, freshman, fifth place; Derrick Gilger, freshman, sixth place

Algebra 10: Edward Toderescu, sophomore, first place; Vladislav Husyev, sophomore, second place; Katerina Sheremet, sophomore, third place; Akaycia Mather, sophomore, fifth place

Algebra 11: Val Toderescu, junior, second place

Algebra 12: David Cho, junior, second place; Aly Shaw, third place; Sarah Bergman, fifth place

Biology 9-10: Edward Toderescu, first place; Hunter Sparks, freshman, second place; Akaycia Mather, third place; and Grace Edgar, sophomore, sixth place

Physical Science 9-10: Reagen Mullins, freshman, fourth place; Derrick Gilger, freshman, fifth place

Chemistry 10-12: Aly Shaw, senior, third place; Val Toderescu, junior, fourth place

Physics 11-12: Evan Luebbert, junior, first place; Sarah Bergman, senior, fifth place; Erik Izazaga, senior, sixth place

Complex Numbers: Erik Izazaga, senior, third place; Evan Luebbert, junior, sixth place

Functions: Sarah Bergman, senior, first place; Aly Shaw, senior, fifth place

Geometry 9: Bridget Young, freshman, fourth place

Geometry 10: Grace Edgar, sophomore, fourth place

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