The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team took first place overall on Saturday, Feb. 27, at the Cole Camp Math Relays event.

S-C scored 164 points, nearly doubling second place Excelsior Springs (88). Malacki Ehlers (12), Caleb Ehlers (10) and Lydia Tester (9) were the top performers at their grade levels.

Smith-Cotton’s results:

World Problems 9: Lydia Tester, fourth; Parker Ellison, seventh
World Problems 10: Caleb Ehlers, first; Raelynn Minter, second; Alina Weng, seventh; Bailey Brown, eighth
World Problems, 11: Jessi Sparks, fourth; Gabriel Sokolowski, sixth; Michael Castiglia, 10th
World Problems, 12: Andrew Matz, first; Michael Cho, seventh
Calculus: Andrew Sadler, first; Malacki Ehlers, second; Kylie Neal, sixth; Ethan Daly, ninth
Algebra 9: Jacelyn Lancaster, fourth
Algebra 10: Boston Middleton, first; Grace Miley, third; Skylar Brines, fifth; Cole Daly, sixth
Algebra 11: Gareth Herrington, third; Gabriel Sokolowski, fourth; Bailey Brown, seventh; Peyton Kuhlman, ninth
Algebra 12: Andrew Matz, third; Ethan Daly seventh; Andrew Sadler, 10th
Algebra (Open): Malacki Ehlers, first; Michael Cho, third; Kylie Neal, fourth; Alisa Sonnik, fourth
Geometry 9: Caleb Ehlers, first; Cole Daly, third; Skylar Brines, fourth
Analytical Geometry: Alisa Sonnik, fourth; Michael Castiglia, fifth
Trigonometry: Malacki Ehlers, first; Andrew Matz, third; Kylie Neal, sixth; Gareth Hennington, ninth
Probability & Statistics: Gavin Walkington, first; Ethan Daly, fourth; Michael Cho, 10th
Hodge Podge: Michael Castiglia, fourth
Random Science: Caleb Ehlers, fourth; Andrew Matz, sixth; Peyton Kuhlman, seventh; Alina Weng, ninth
Random History: Justin Chancellor, third; Gavin Walkington, seventh; Gabriel Sokolowski, eighth
Mental Math 9-10: Raelynn Minter, second; Bailey Brown, fifth; Grace Miley, sixth; Boston Middleton, seventh
Mental Math 11-12: Malacki Ehlers, first; Kylie Neal, second; Ethan Daly, fifth; Andrew Sadler, seventh
Team 9: Smith-Cotton, fourth
Team 10: Smith-Cotton, first
Team 11: Smith-Cotton, first
Team 12: Smith-Cotton, first
Mixed Team: Smith-Cotton, first
Top Freshman: Lydia Tester, first
Top Sophomore: Caleb Ehlers, first
Top Senior: Malacki Ehlers, first; Andrew Matz, third

In the photo: The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team displays its awards from the Cole Camp Math Relays, where the team took first place.

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