While we were going through "Today in History" on the morning show on Monday (Jan 13), we came across a fun item about the history of the Frisbee. Turns out that in 1957, some executive at the toy company Wham-O saw some college students throwing pie tins from Frisibie's Pie Company in the air and decided to mass produce the first Frisbees.

That's right, the first Frisbees weren't meant to be thrown around at all; they were for eating pie! I'm thinking the pie tins from back in the day were made from actual tin and pretty sturdy, so they probably worked great. Kaleb and I found a disposable pie tin in the kitchen here at the station, and decided we needed to see just how well a pie tin works as a Frisbee.

Turns out not the best. However, it was pretty windy, and neither of us are exactly Frisbee tossing professionals. We did get a couple throws with some good air time though. Check out the video below!