We're doing the best we can to make earth a better place for our kids, grandkids and beyond. Is the reusable family cloth the next big thing for reducing waste or is this something that takes it a little too far?

You have to admit, when you sit to take care of business, one of the first things you check out is the toilet paper. Charmin? Northern? Ok, you're good to go! (Hee hee...sorry!)

What if you went into a bathroom to do your business and you didn't see the roll of tp just waiting for you. Instead it was a reusable cloth wipe. Would you feel comfortable using this, and better yet, if you decided to go down this road would you want to house a container to hold those soiled wipes. How about washing them. How would you feel about putting a load of them into your washing machine?

Many families have gone the eco-friendly route and ditched the traditional roll of toilet paper for the reusable family cloth. How about you? Could you, or would you, make the switch?

Milan Vasicek

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