A young, impossibly good-looking couple –  guitarist Joe Don Rooney and his real-life wife — residing in a gorgeous, expensive home help tell the lyrical story in Rascal Flatts‘ new ‘Come Wake Me Up’ video. The clip explores the thrill of the chase and the blurred line between reality and dreams.

Rooney and wife Tiffany Fallon’s make-believe home is filled with “irreplaceable” items, and it’s clear that their relationship is fractured. The raven-haired, rebellious beauty muses about how “things” means so much to her blond beloved. He actually calls the things “irreplaceable,” and it’s clear that something is amiss. When do things have more value than a person? When did we become this disconnected from other people and place more worth in inanimate objects? It’s food for thought and Rascal Flatts’ new ‘Come Wake Me Up’ video effectively provokes that idea.

Rooney also performs with Rascal Flatts in the video, which is his first starring role in a musical clip. The trio is stationed right by the pool, which is in the backyard of the swanky home. The abode looks like a marvel of modern architecture, thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows and expensive decor.

There’s romance, motorcycles, sports cars, an all-wheel chase, the smashing of those irreplaceable items and plenty of action to follow. Is there an accident? Is it dream or reality? Will this relationship live to fight another day? Well, you’ll just have to watch. Crystal — the word and the material — also factors into the plot and story narrative.

Being young, rich and beautiful is not all its cracked up to be, at least not in this video.

Watch the Rascal Flatts ‘Come Wake Me Up’ Video

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