Randy Houser had fans all excited for the release of his latest album, Magnolia, which he had slated for Nov. 2. Last month, though, he announced he'd be pushing the release to January 2019.

Houser noted, rather cryptically, at the time that the album date was moved "to make sure the music is shared as we originally envisioned." However, in a recent interview with Taste of Country, he reveals the unexpected details behind the delay.

"My bad," he admits. "What we haven't really been telling anybody is that we have a short film that we've been shooting. The music from Magnolia...it's the background for the whole thing.

"It's not a video. Actually, it's a movie," he clarifies. "A lot of the shooting was going on down in Louisiana, South Carolina and the Houston area, when the hurricanes were coming. So all of our shooting schedules got pushed back, and there was really no reason to put the album out without the other big piece that goes with it."

Houser didn't disclose too many fine details about the project, but did reveal a snippet of the film's plot: "It's basically about an oil rigger who is dealing with a lot of family issues, and meets a girl...and I'll just leave it at that," he says, adding, "It's kind of dark."

While the movie will feature Houser's music, fans shouldn't expect to see much of him in the production. He explains that he appears in the film for brief periods and speaks a couple of lines, but that "It's not one of those things that I wanted to insert myself all up in."

"What Whiskey Does" is Houser's lead single from Magnolia. In addition, Magnolia includes a collaboration with Lucie Silvas called "Our Hearts."

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