The Smithville School District Board of Education is considering a new drug screening policy. The policy would randomly test those students "who participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities as well as students who park at school." This according to a report from KSHB-TV.

According to the report "If a student tests non-negative or positive, he or she would not be allowed to participate in activities or park at school for 15 days. The individual’s parents also would be notified and the school would provide resources and programs to help the students."

Superintendent Todd Schuetz told the television station, “If we can provide another level of support for our students so that, while they’re here with us, while they’re under our roof, we’re supporting them in every way possible, then we are doing what we are supposed to."

However, Smithville High School Principal Tracy Platt told KSHB-TV she had reservations about the proposal the way it's currently laid out. “I have a hard time, if a student has the non-negative (test result), that the student has a consequence, because everyone is going to know because he is going to be sitting out."

The board tabled the vote on the policy to "gather more research and feedback."

I'm fine with testing athletes during their sport's season. After all, they should be held to a standard where they're taking care of their bodies. Not using performance enhancing drugs, or recreational drugs, really should be a part of taking care of themselves to perform at a peak level. That said, just because you drive to school or are involved in some other voluntary activity seems like a weak excuse to randomly drug test students.

I'm not a parent though, and if I was, I might like the idea of having my kid randomly tested. It seems like that might be a better way to see if the kid is playing around with drugs vs. snooping around his or her room playing detective and looking for some tell tale sign the kid's getting high.

You tell me what do you think:

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