So the wife is away for about 10 days and I'm on my own. Trying to figure out what to do while I'm "Bach-ing" it.

So the remote control is mine til the second week of August. No HGTV or Hallmark or Lifetime movies during this period. It's going to be manly stuff like baseball, old western TV shows and John Wayne movies.

I've got the food situation taken care of, too. Drive-thru fast food and pizza. Easy peazy.

Dishes...hmmm. I guess you need to wash them when the green moldy stuff starts appearing in the bottom of the bowls?

Now washing of clothes and changing bed sheets. I'll move that down to the bottom of the list. (I don't want to get in too much of a hurry.)

The wife left me a list of projects to work on while she was gone. There's another thing to move down of the list of things to do. I mean, think about it. If I was to get everything done on her projects list in the first couple of days, I wouldn't have anything to keep putting off until the next-to-the-last day before she gets back!

We don't have any pets or children at home so I don't have to worry about that. (Whew...thank goodness!)

I think I have everything covered. If not, I'm sure I'll hear about it come day eleven!

Any hints on what to do? Please let me know!

Fat guy sleeping on the couch in what looks like an uncomfortable position

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