The Pettis County Health Center says COVID-19 cases in the County have increased since last week, and for the first time the Pettis County COVID-19 Task Force briefing included talking about clusters of cases in churches and workplaces.

The number of COVID-19 cases has increased by 194 since last week. Additionally the  Pettis County Health Center says they are seeing clusters of  the virus in workplaces and churches:

There are now an increasing number of clusters of positive cases in the county.  We have at least 3 clusters within church communities as well as workplaces.

The Pettis County Health Center is saying these clusters may be occurring because people feel comfortable at work and in church and are interacting with people they know and are comfortable around. The Health Center continues to recommend physical distancing, wearing of masks and frequent washing or sanitizing of hands to keep from becoming infected with COVID-19.

Additionally, the Health Center addressed this fall's holiday season. For Halloween the Health Center recommends that kids trick or treating avoid large crowds; and urge parents to take advantage of activities being planned that will safely distribute candy. Additionally the Health Center reminds citizens that Halloween Parties are considered a high risk activity for transmission of the coronavirus.

As for Thanksgiving and Christmas the Pettis County Health Center warns, "Gathering together with people you do not live with can bring the virus to a family.  Many of our older and high risk family members are present at these gatherings and everyone needs to consider how to keep the most vulnerable among us as protected as possible."

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