The Pettis County Sheriff's Office has received numerous reports from residents about getting unsolicited calls from a "deputy," telling them they have a warrant for their arrest for failure-to-appear, for jury duty.

The caller pressures the person for payment of bond, to avoid them being arrested and taken to jail. In some cases, names of local court officials have been used to better convince the victim of the call's legitimacy.

According to the Pettis County Sheriff's Department, THIS IS A SCAM. Deputies will not call you about an arrest warrant, nor would you ever be asked to make payment over the phone for bond. As with other types of scams, do not be drawn in by unsollicited calls asking for personal information or demanding payment from you.

If you have received a phone call of this type, call the sheriff's department at 660-827-0052, to report it.

Pettis County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating the issue.

Pettis County Sheriff's Office Side View
Kurt Parsons

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