I cannot wait for the NFL season to begin.  Who is with me?  We want to see if our Kansas City Chiefs can make another run to the Super Bowl.  For many, they are still the team to beat.

One of the joys of watching football, is when you get a great play-by-play man and color analyst calling the game, where they have the ability to break down the game where the average person can follow and understand.  And this is why I am excited for Monday night Oct 10th.

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On the 10th of October, our Kansas City Chiefs will be home at Arrowhead in prime time for Monday Night Football.  They will be battling their arch rivals the Las Vegas Raiders.  Here is why it could be even more fun.  The game will be broken down and talked about by two Super Bowl winning brothers with 2 rings apiece.

Payton and Eli are back!

Now if you are not familiar with what I am talking about, here is the deal.  The game will be on ESPN.  Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be calling the game, having been teamed up for so long on Fox.  Now I am not a big Joe Buck guy, (you may or not be, but he is a love/hate kind of announcer) but you can listen to them if you wish.

But for a bit more humor and enjoyment, you can go to ESPN 2 and watch the game along with Payton Manning and Eli Manning.  They will break down the game in their own special way.  I can bet one thing will be for sure.  You will laugh, as these two are just entertaining.  I also suspect they are HUGE fans of Mahomes and Carr.  By the way, for the Sunday Night Football and Monday Night schedule for the season, you can click HERE.

So which broadcast will you be watching? Or will you be at Arrowhead to see it live?  Either way,  LETS GO CHIEFS!

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