Kids, last week I asked you guys what you were looking forward to at the Missouri State Fair - other than the concerts, that is.  Several of you were pretty happy about the sporting and trucking events.  In fact, the Truck and Tractor Pull and the Antique Tractor Pull were in the lead with a dead lock at 22% of the votes each.

What I thought was strange though was that this poll was about what you wanted to see OTHER than the concerts.  But... about three of you still said "The Concerts."  So I guess that just means you're music people!

One option that I had forgotten about that someone voted for was The Livestock Shows.  That's a great point, so much of what happens out there is so closely linked to agriculture.  It's a very important part of our Fair.

You can still vote in the poll, though, so be sure to let me know what you think!

Fairly yours,

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