Nike is touting  that it's new shoe, the Air Zoom Pulse, is for "everyday heros." Specifically those in the medical field who spend a lot of time on their feet every day.

This isn't an ordinary sneaker, Nike doesn't even call it a sneaker. They call it a shoe. And then refer to it as a tradtional clog made athletic. It's all made for the medical worker who doesn't sit for more than an hour during their shift. It's got a coated toe box which protects against any kind of spill. And speaking of slipping, you apparently won't slip with these soles either. But that's not all.

Nike tested these on medical professionals at OSHU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Orgeon. This lead to the shoe company coming up with a shoe that offerers great foot support, are easy to get on and off with one hand, and simple to clean.

I'll tell you what, I don't stand a ton, but when I'm doing my radio show I'm standing. So I am interested in trying these out. The description of the shoe sold me. Although I'm not sure about the look. I'm not sure I like the white soles. I'd prefer a shoe people won't think is a gym shoe and I'm not sure these fit that bill. That said, Nike's gallery had some color designs available which are pretty cool.

One things for certain, if you start seeing a lot of these around the hospital or the doctor's office... then you know they're a comfortable pair of shoes.

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