Usually this late in October, the talk of Kansas City and really all around is either Kansas City Chiefs or Mizzou football. The Kansas City Royals run is usually over, but not this year. Royals fans have finally been treated to seeing them not only in the playoffs, but also making the World Series.

Last week, I was off, but I did make a stop in Kansas City and it was nice to hear Royals fans excited for the World Series and that they were wearing blue, just about everywhere you've gone.

The Royals do trail the Giants three games to two, with the final games at the 'K' on Tuesday and hopefully Wednesday. So, I wanted to see what fans thought on my new facebook page.

"Back home, facing the two pitchers they have already defeated,' said Bob Satnan. " I'd seriously put their chances at 60/40 on winning this thing." I like those odds.

" I think they will come back and win the crown!!!" said Donna Hodson.

Even my own mother thinks they have a chance.

"If I remember correctly," said Margaret Sokolowski. "The Royals were down 3-2 in 1985, and then they came back to win. So I say say they can do it!"

I'm very hopeful they can pull it off, but it's good to see that spirit in the area once again.



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