Over the course of 16-years with Better Country, KIX 105, I have never had a problem with driving the station vehicles. I've driven in snowy conditions, rainy conditions and much more, but can't say I've ever done this.

KIX 105 Avalanche Ditched[/caption]Now that you've seen it, you're probably wondering how it happened. I was driving down Y Highway to go check on a project at our transmitter and received a call from our sister stations transmitter that was something was wrong.  I stopped at the next turnoff and tried making a 3 point turn and when I hit reverse, it rolled right on down and I was stuck.Thankfully, in this day and age of cell phones, I called Don's Truck Towing and Truck Wash. Within a short period of time, Sonny came and pulled me out and I was on my way.

Sonny with Don's Towing Pulling Vehicle Out[/caption]I did get a chance to talk with some nice people along Van Natta Road, where I pulled off. It is nice to see how many people really do care and wanted to make sure if I was ok. I'm ok, now I just have live with the stupidity of misjudging the road.

Thanks to Don's Towing and Sonny again for being prompt and getting me back on my way.