Want to know why Netflix renewed The Umbrella Academy for a second season? Here is why: Netflix revealed today in its first quarter earnings report (via Deadline) that 45 million households had viewed the series’ first season.

Bear in mind: Netflix counts a “viewing” if at least one episode of a show has been viewed 70 percent of the way through. So if we want to get technical (and we want to take Netflix’s numbers at face value) then 45 million people didn’t necessarily watch the entire season of The Umbrella Academy; 45 million people have watched 70 percent of one episode. (Speaking from personal experience, that sounds about right. I ... did not get to the end myself.)

Netflix also revealed the numbers for several of their bigger recent movies: Triple Frontier, starring Oscar Isaac and Ben Affleck, was watched by 52 million households, while The Highwaymen, featuring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson was viewed by 40 million households. Fyre, the much-talked-about documentary about the notorious music festival, was seen in over 20 million households. For a doc, that’s a mighty big number.

Of course, we have no way of fact-checking these figures. And once you’ve paid for Netflix, there’s no charge for giving a Triple Frontier a chance. (And, presumably, no way of knowing whether you actually watched the movie or if you left your Roku running, turned off the television, and went to bed.) But if even mostly accurate, these numbers are very large. When something on Netflix hits, it hits big.

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