Earlier this summer I told you about how you could help the less fortunate that need help staying cool this summer by contributing to Westlake Ace's Fan Drive. Now those donations are being put to good use by the Sedalia Salvation Army.

If you need a fan to help keep yourself and your family cool this summer you can inquire about it during food pantry hours at the Sedalia Salvation Army on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT. Priority will be given to the elderly and the disabled. Followed by families with small children who do not have central air conditioning. Proof of address and ID required. One fan per qualified household. Fans will be available starting Tuesday, August 20.

Locally Westlake Ace Hardware raised $524.00 which purchased 49 fans. Additionally, America's Car-Mart dropped off ten additional fans.

Westlake Ace Hardware thanks everyone who donated to their fan drive this year. And that the hardware store was able to donate 7,200 fans to local Salvation Army commands through their fan program this year. Over the course of the program, Westlake Ace has donated over 38,700 fans to the Salvation Army.

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