As the time has gone on in my employment here with the stations,  one thing I do normally is keep the Community Calendar and events updated.  Some things we have around in our area are often annual events that reoccur.  Sometimes, though, you get something new! Or something new...that's old?  

I know that every year there's a big Pow Wow on the Missouri State Fairgrounds that draws people from all over the state.  In fact, we here in Missouri (and particularly in our neck of the woods), we have native traditions and history all over the place.  Often, we don't even realize what the historical significance of what we're standing around in our day to day lives.  So when this event came across my radar, it definitely caught my attention.

It's going to be going on this weekend, and it's a big display show of Native American Artifacts.  It's hosted by the Sedalia West Central Missouri Archaeological Society.   They've got displays planned for area and regional collectors who will show authentic early historical items.  This is living, breathing history, right there in front of you!  They even encourage some interaction: if you have some personal artifacts you've had around the house or in the family, bring it by and they'll identify it for you.  Maybe you've always known that your grandfather had an old arrowhead, but now you'll learn more about it.  They might be able to tell you what it was made from and for what purpose, maybe even date it.   Think of all that you don't know and the traditions you could pass on!

Make sure you bring the whole  family out and see the entire exhibit, because this is something educational that will definitely interest you and your kids.  Maybe you guys could go out in the backyard and make some memories arrowhead hunting!

It'll be held on Saturday, June 22, at 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the Farm Credit Services Building.   That's at 2600 South Limit here in Sedalia.They'll also have some great door prizes every hour or so and you could win reference material or related items,  maybe even some modern knives to start your own collection.

Make sure you check it out, parking will be in the back of the building between Sonic and Orscheln.

Historically yours,