I'm raising my hand. I'm guilty. Taking a nap or two during the day has become a good friend of mine. As I've gotten older, it's amazing how a short time taking a nod can get me back on track.

I remember we used to call them "power-naps". It was a short 15-20 minute nap to help reenergize. Especially if we'd had a late night and we were starting to drag just a little.

I had already read that you don't want too take to long of a nap because you'll get into a deeper sleep. This is not only harder to wake up from but also it sometimes would make you feel more tired than before the short snooze. This seems to be the case more for older folks than younger ones. When you're young you can pretty much spring back quicker from about anything, but as you get older...not so much.

According to a study I saw, a daytime nap once or twice a week could be good for your body. In fact it could be linked to a healthy heart. Now personally, I'm not sure about that but if the experts say it's so, I'm good with it!

Another tip on taking a nap...make sure it's taken in the early part of the afternoon. If you wait until later in the afternoon it could interfere with your sleep that night, that is, unless you're planning on being up later into the evening.

So sign me up coach, I'm ready to play...err, I mean nap. Sweet dreams!

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