We all have those memories of events and happenings from the past. Many we wish were still available today. What stands out in your mind that today's kids wouldn't understand?

One thing comes to mind for me is playing outside and not worrying about how far you ventured from the house. There weren't cell phones to check in. We just told our moms that we were going outside to play next door or at the neighbor's house and that was okay. No explanation needed.

You rode your bike everywhere. Parents didn't take us. We had a quarter or fifty cents in our pockets and that was good enough to keep us going all day. A bottle of pop, a candy bar, a few pieces of penny candy along with the newest edition of our favorite comic book and we were good to go.

We'd come home late in the day but before dark. We might have only been a couple blocks over but when we heard the 'hollar' or whistle from our mom, we knew it was time to head home.

It was tag, baseball on a made up field in someone's back yard, shooting BB guns, collecting empty pop bottles and trading the latest baseball cards. (After we stuck the stick of pink bubble gum from the trading cards package in our mouths)

What else can you think of in days past that kids would just look at you today and shake their heads?

Five children (7-12) playing with plastic hoops in park
Bec Parsons


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