I never thought it would come to this but my wife has found a way to track me everywhere I go.

I thought there might be something up when I left the house this morning but I wasn't sure. Something wasn't right. You know that feeling guys? It's that internal thing that keeps knocking on that revolving door we have in our head.

As I was driving to the station, I kept looking but I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I pulled into the parking lot taking one quick look around...and still nothing, but something still just didn't feel right.

I went inside to start my morning routine, feeling that weird feeling once again. I went into the break room to make the morning coffee and returned to the control room to start prepping for my radio show.

After printing off my sports material and other stuff I use on the air, I went to the printer and then I realized what she had done.

As I turned from the printer after picking up my material, I saw it. That tiny little piece of tracking material she had so meticulously planted in my pants leg. It looked like a used dryer sheet, but I knew better.  I was onto her.

I swiftly gathered the little piece of wonderment and tossed it securely into the nearest receptacle as I laughed ever so lightly. Ha, I said...Did she think she could plant this device on me and with my years of training not detect it? Good try, sweetie.

Husband/International Spy-1    Wife/Tracking Device Specialist-0

Beau Matthews
Beau Matthews


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