So I find myself this fall spending Friday nights at the radio station serving as producer for our Smith-Cotton High School Football games. Between helping with the football broadcasts and the kids going back to school it reminds me of my most improbable high school accomplishment. I lettered three times and received two conference champion shields.

If you told me that would happen when I got my letterman jacket I would have laughed at you. I wasn't much of an athlete. And anyway, the letterman jacket was rather ubiquitous as a high schooler in the late 80's around Chicago. It was just something your parents bought for you and you wore, or if you didn't like your high school experience, you hung in a closet and never wore.

Sophomore year I went to the first high school game of the year with some friends. That was something I didn't do a lot either. At the game there was this trainer / manager running all over the place helping the players and the coaches. I half seriously said to the guys I was with that I'd be doing that next year.

Next year I was that guy. I joined the student training / management staff for the football team. Then in the spring served as the student trainer for track. And then was on the student training / management staff for football. For my service I received three letters and two conference champion shields.

Yeah, I lettered. My most improbable high school accomplishment. Did you accomplish something in high school that was improbable? Tell me about it.

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