Kids are definitely known for saying whatever comes to their mind. I'm sure every mother has thought to herself at some point, "Who taught you that?" This mother is no different.

My 3-year-old son and I were at Walmart. I darted over to the lingerie section because I am sure it had been a year or more since I had been in that section. I notice two other ladies a row over. My son is saying, "Oh I like that,” and “That's cute" about all the brightly colored undies. We turn the corner to the brazier section, and he very loudly and clearly says, "I LIKE BOOBIES."

My cheeks turned red and I immediately scanned to see who is within listening range, and there are the two ladies are just smiling and trying not to laugh out loud. I told them that I thought his dad taught him that and that I have never heard that one before.

My son sensed the excitement in the air and continued all the way through the store, "I like boobies!" and me saying “SHUUU SHUU” I was thinking, “Look at the vacuum cleaner, look at the candles, smell the candle buddy,” but he was still saying it, "I like boobies!"


Well, when he is a teen and thinks his mom is embarrassing, she has a great comeback story to tell his friends!  Look for more Mommy Madness is coming soon.