Get ready for another outrageous parenting story!  We've got another story submission from our Mommy Madness contest for you!

When you spend a long time outdoors, doing something like hunting, hiking or camping, you may have to "do your business" in the woods.  This next Mom probably should of explained that it's only okay to do your business in the woods if you're actually in the woods...

My husband and I had just built a house in the country. My kids had never experienced country life before. Needless to say, my youngest daughter, who was around four years old, was shown country bathroom procedures, a.k.a going to the bathroom in the woods.

Well, I was shopping in Walmart with her one day. I grabbed something off the shelf, turned my back and she was gone! I panicked and went searching for her. Finally made it back to lawn and garden and couldn't believe my eyes. My daughter was "popping a squat" amongst all greenery.

To make matters worse, the minute I saw her, so did the lawn and garden lady. Talk about being embarrassed!

"Cleanup in aisle 5!"

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